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Bankruptcy/Debt ReliefBankruptcy

Simply stated, bankruptcy is a legal mechanism for reducing or eliminating most types of consumer debts. It does not work to eliminate some debts, like child support or student loans.

A qualifying debtor has two main options in bankruptcy:

  1. They can force a creditor to take pennies on the dollar to satisfy a debt (Chapter 13- best for people who have enough wage income to apply to debts), and
  2. Forcible elimination of most unsecured indebtedness (Chapter 7 – best for people with no job or inadequate income in excess of buying the bare necessities). Furthermore, while the bankruptcy case is ongoing, and for a time after it is closed, creditors can take almost no collection action against the debtor. Come in and puck up one of our free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy charts – a client favorite.


Some fear that the stigma associated with filing for bankruptcy is far more shameful and embarrassing than continuing to live paycheck to paycheck and struggling. The truth is that bankruptcy provides a new start for many individuals and families, and can greatly improve the quality of life you experience.

We charge a low, flat rate for consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases (single or joint). Our fee of $500.00 attorney fee plus $335.00 (the current court filing fee) is among the most affordable in the area. Chapter 7 attorney fees for filers who have run their own business may be higher, depending on circumstances. The first consultation is ALWAYS FREE.

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