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Immigration Law

The Jackson Donley Law Office is well regarded as a premier law firm in the area of immigration.  We offer extensive and comprehensive services related to business, family and employment immigration.  Mr. Donley and his staff are passionate about helping people from diverse cultures start a new life in the United States, and they are dedicated to helping their clients discover the freedoms and opportunities that only living in the United States can offer.  They take a personal interest in each client’s case.  In addition to offering legal assistance and advice in navigating the immigration system, Mr. Donley and his team have been known to provide personal guidance and support to clients who need a little extra help settling into their new life.  In a pinch, they will even serve as witnesses in a civil marriage ceremony for K-1 visa recipients.

Since 2006, Mr. Donley has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses with immigration issues.  The bureaucracy that is designed to help people with their residency status and citizenship can be extremely overwhelming for many people to deal with, especially those who may not have a mastery of the English language.  Using his background working in a large government agency to help businesses and family comply with immigration requirements, he has since developed a great deal of experience dealing with immigration issues. 

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Services in the area of immigration include:

  • Citizenship
  • Assignment of Social Security numbers
  • Attainment of Permanent residence status
  • Change of Status
  • Acquisition of Visas (temporary and permanent)
  • Defense against removal proceedings
  • Obtaining waivers for those otherwise inadmissible to the United States

Mr. Donley speaks, reads and writes Mandarin Chinese. 
He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Whether you are looking for help with immigration or developing legal residency for yourself, a family member or an employee, Mr. Donley will take the time to review your information, and put you on the path to becoming a part of the “American Dream”.