"I don't even know where to start from. I have to thank you very much for this. You're such a star...I am so excited about this news...Seeking your advise was one of the best decisions I made in 2015. "

Immigration Client
May 23, 2016


"Mr. Jackson Donley made what would have been an unbearable situation quick, comfortable, and understandable for me. Also he saved me hundreds of dollars over others who were somewhat misleading, adding extra charges other than their ads stated, enabling me to start a new path. He was upfront and honest, which I found refreshing. Thank you, Mr. Donley!"

--J.S, Bankruptcy Client
June 7, 2013


"I really appreciate the way you have expertly handled this case, giving prompt replies to all the queries…All this resulted in getting use the long awaited approval."

-F.J., Immigration Client
June 28, 2011


"Today is one of the best days in my life because I received a beautiful card from you and a letter from US Immigration which says I will receive my permanent visa…. Nothing can express my gratefulness to you and your family only these simple words: THANK YOU!!!"

-L.L., Immigration Client
June 29, 2011


"This is excellent news…thank you so much for everything, we are getting very close to the end of the process."

-A.E., Immigration Client
July 1, 2011


"Going through a divorce is difficult, but Jackson Donley took a sincere interest in my case and in getting the best results for me and my son. He is far more affordable than other attorneys in the area and he’s easy to contact. I would gladly recommend Jackson to anyone seeking fair no-frills representation."

-M.P., Family Law Client
July 12, 2011


I have never had a better experience. I was very nervous about even meeting with a lawyer for bankruptcy, but within the first five minutes I knew I had chosen the best lawyer for me. Very down to earth, extremely helpful, kind. Thank you to Jack Donley and staff.

-T.M., Bankruptcy Client
July 13, 2011